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Dear customer Investigations industry's dominant firm, we are in Istanbul and Turkey. All our services billed kesmekteyiz whether the contract. Unable to pay back iiade job guarantee. If you are a strong and reliable private detective agency in Turkey or Istanbul, looking for the right place at the moment. Zabata a company with corporate offices in Istanbul dedektifliklik can serve a reliable and clear-cut. All private detectives, honest, reliable, competent, and ketumdurlar. Turkey, in Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Antalya and all the other provinces, private detective, private detective Zabata service, please call or E-mail us if you want to. Zabata Investigations, which is a fixed address in Istanbul, retired police officer cadre of experienced detectives formed a corporate company. You can safely payments to our company. Our company is registered in İstanbul Chamber of Commerce is a private detective official news agency. Private Detective, the first company in the word teaches the Turkish people.


Some of Our Private Detectıve services, 

  • Premarital Research in Turkey

  • Fraud Events Research in Turkey

  • General Country Konjektor Research in Tukrey, 

  • Homicide Research in Istanbul,

  • Missing Person Finder All Turkey, 

  • Retirement Case Study in Turkey, 

  • Insurance Faker’s Research

  • Fraud Research Istanbul,

  • Individual Research

  • Property Holdings Research

  • Insect Exploration (Electronics)


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